Henna Night

Henna Night, celebrated traditionally by Sephardic Jews universally, a few nights prior to the actual Ketubah ceremony, the Henna night occurs in the bride’s home, a synagogue or a catering hall. This elaborate evening is rich in song, costume (traditional Caftan/ Jilabiya) and feast that is representative of the cultural background of many Middle Eastern Jewish communities. This celebration dates back over 500 years.

Prosper’s Henna Night decorations are unique and we take care of every details to make the Henna night a huge success.

In Hebrew, the world Henna is spelled: “chet”, “noon”, “hey.” These Hebrew letters represent the three essential responsibilities and mitzvoth that belong to a Jewish woman once she is married.

“Chet” , is the first letter of the world Challah  which represents the baking and placing of the challah on Shabbat table.

“Noon” , is the first letter of the word Nida, alluding to the laws of family purity which bring harmony to the home and the couple’s relationship.

“Hey” , is for Hadlakat Nerot. Through the kindling of the Shabbat candles, the Jewish woman transforms her home into the sanctuary of the peace and joy. Together these three symbols embody the responsibilities of a Jewish woman. The bride is gowned in a traditional velvet dress that is adorned with gold threading, jewels, and a matching crown. The ornate attire for the bride is most often passed from one bride to another. Its historical value is priceless, rich in history, and its beauty is for the eye to enjoy. Candles welcome the bride and are symbolically carried by those heading the guests, joining the celebration. Henna is a symbol of fertility and protection. The dish of henna is often decorated with colored candy almonds, representing a sweet, bright, and fruitful future.

henna night


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