Who We Are

Prosper Lankry Design Group

Prosper Lankry is no mere party planner. He’s a world-renowned designer of unforgettable celebrations of every description. Each of Prosper Lankry Design (PLD) projects-whether for a private birthday party or holiday dinner, a lavish wedding, sweet sixteen or bat/bar mitzvah, a corporate retreat or charity ball-is a distinctive work of art. His portfolio of finest and most visionary work-with dramatic photographs that will make you wish you’d been there.

Prosper’s artistic career is influenced by his vast experiences in architecture and interior design, theatre and the art of traditional Arabesque painting. He has put out these talents with the formation of Design Fusion together with business partner, Denis Baci.The company is committed to provide service excellence by combining its technical expertise with its hard-working and professional team.

Throughout, Prosper reveals how he coordinates architecture, lighting and audiovisual systems, interior décor, tabletop arrangements, and his trademark floral extravaganzas to create such gloriously spellbinding environments. It seems that there is no event—grand or intimate that Prosper can’t elevate to the level of artistry. You will see just how Prosper fills any space with the most unique special touches, the most spectacular flowers, furniture and the most creative designs. Prosper brings unparalleled skill and vision to any event, thereby, making indelible impression to his client.

Prosper’sclients include Paramount Pictures,Maroc Export, The Food Emporium, Baruch College, LDJ Productions, IP Soft Inc, Dandana TV, Benrimon Contemporary, and countless individuals and celebrities.

Prosper has been affiliated with some of the finest hotels and caterers in the Tri-State area: The Plaza, Oheka Castle, NY Marriott Marquis, Tribeca Rooftop, The Hyatt and many more.

Where Can I Find Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners?

The event planning process can be stressful. Let Prosper Lankry Design Group help you find Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners and find the venue of your dreams, our professionals are talented and have a wide range of skills. They can plan all kinds of events, from large-scale celebrations like weddings to small gatherings.

Find and hire Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners and plan your event with us! Offering high-quality event planning services, we are the ultimate guide to planning and hosting an event in Manhattan. We give you the information you need to know before, during and after your event, whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue or a big party.

What Companies Provide Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners?

Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners from Prosper Lankry Design Group are the best way to plan your next event. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, business event or any social gathering, our planners have a wide range of services for everything you need. Our team of professionals is prepared to face your big day and make it unforgettable.

We are experts in event planning and can bring the culture of Morocco to your event. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or seminar, Prosper Lankry Design Group is there for your every need. We have the capacity to plan events of all shapes and sizes! If you’re planning a special event in Manhattan and need help with the food, Moroccan décor, or just want an idea of the process, contact us now!

What Services Are Included With Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners?

Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners are professionals who specialize in all kinds of occasions, from weddings and birthday celebrations to corporate events. We offer a range of services for planning your event, including food, decoration and more. We also provide a personalized service with a focus on your personal tastes and needs.

If you are looking for a team that can provide you with the most diverse and personalized service, look no further than Prosper Lankry Design Group, we are the best way to transform your next event. With our Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners, you can reap the benefits of your wedding, graduation, birthday, or any other celebration!

Where Can I Find Affordable Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners?

If you are looking for quality, affordable event planners in Manhattan, look no further! Prosper Lankry Design Group is the leading provider of Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners, who provide clients with a range of services. From the smallest celebrations to large-scale weddings, brunches and parties, our expert planners are there to make your event memorable.

Do you want a team of professional planners to take care of your event? Our company planners offer all-inclusive services for any budget. With Prosper Lankry Design Group, you will be able to find the best Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners for your special day! We are a company that can help you with all the details and offer you a personalized service.

Who Can I Call For Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners?

Are you planning a wedding or other event in Manhattan? Do you need a Moroccan event planner? Find one with Prosper Lankry Design Group. Our Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners are the experts you need to hire for your next event in the city. Our planners will make sure you have a day to remember; be it a cocktail party, an evening, a wedding or a corporate meeting.

To produce a Moroccan-themed event we must start with the most essential element: the planning process. Our talented Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners will guide you through every step of the planning process, from the initial concept to the final touches.

Does Prosper Lankry Design Group Provide Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners?

Yeah! We offer Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners for all events, large or small. With our planners, you will be able to design the wedding of your dreams in just a few steps. We are a full service company providing the services you need to create the perfect event. Our planners can help with anything from finding the perfect venue to designing wedding invitations to coordinating transportation.

Our Manhattan Moroccan Event Planners specialize in extravagant weddings, parties and celebrations. If you are planning a Moroccan-themed party, you should contact the experts. At Prosper Lankry Design Group we can help you plan your next event with qualified professionals, we have the experience you need to ensure that your event is memorable, with a high quality of service for your guests. guests.